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What if everything we imagine becomes reality?

That’s the question we ask ourselves everyday. That way, we don’t have to worry about what we can or what we

cannot. Instead, we are inspired to imagine more and create better, to believe more in ideas that can transform

the spaces we live in and thus change the lives we touch.



Dolby Mica’s take on futuristic surface designs has influenced markets in India to look at the imaginative possibilities in creative laminate sheets. Dolby Mica specializes in the production of specially curated creative laminate designs, including wooden, abstract, stone, fabric, leather finish laminate sheets and many more in the 1.00 mm thickness range. The company has a strong nation-wide network and has exclusive display galleries across multiple cities. All of this, just to get you the best & most innovative laminate range at every possible location. With all of this and more, the company has successfully made a mark for itself in the business.


Apart from independently thriving in the market, Dolby Mica continues relies on Pegasus Panels’ 25-year long experience in the field of architecture and interior design for unconditional inspiration to create the most innovative laminates. That is why, 'Any Mica is not Dolby Mica'.



The factory can produce 15,00,000 laminate sheets per year. It covers a land area of 40, 500 sq. mtr. Four different kinds of paper rolls are brought– Design, Kraft, Tissue and Barrier papers. The next step is impregnating resin on all papers. After this, the paper is preserved in an air-conditioned room to avoid the resin from sticking. Eventually, all the papers are assembled and are hot pressed in a steel mould with different textures for 90 minutes. This is where the creative laminate designs we see are implemented. Next, the laminates are sawed for shaping and are wrapped in branding papers before being distributed.

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Rajiv Agarwal


Naresh Goyal


Mehul Agarwal


Nishant Goyal



MUMBAI office

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Gandhidham office

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